Argumentative research proposal and annotated bibliography

First assighment:

Please complete  three-paragraph proposal and add an annotated bibliography of 12-15 scholar sources(have attached some maight be helpful).Please use the three models it and the grade rubric for help and as guides. The topic is social media neqative impacts on ( you can chosew target people)collage  students,youth, teenager …etc. see attached 3 examples 

please follow the rubric and the examples structure. 



now this is seprate assighment 

Who is your target audience for the research argument paper?


Why do they need to be persuaded? In other words, how might they disagree with your stance? Or why are they possibly “on the fence”?



Please write a solid introduction for this audience with a good hook and appropriate focus/background—you might consider an anecdote, shocking statistics, unique facts, etc. Please end the introduction with a concise thesis statement and good reasons (or criteria).