Due in 45 minutes…… please read….. 250 words

due in 45 minutes……. no late work…… must have done in 45 minutes 

Only need 250 words minimum 

this is what my teacher posted and i have to reply: 

 During the first part of our course, we have engaged in a “building project” or “journey” (metaphorically speaking) that has moved from representations, to types of sentences, then to declarative sentences, and then to arguments and the types and features of arguments.  Along the way we made use of syntax and semantics.  The ultimate goal was to be in a position to be able to articulate what a good argument is, and it turns out that these come in two varieties.  Present this journey (or project) in your own words.  Try to be precise, accurate, clear, detailed, and use examples and explanations where useful.  

This is philosophy class