Fire science | Education homework help

Instructions Informational Packet You are now tasked with putting together an informational packet to be handed out to a homeowners’ group about emergency services resources. It will be a handout and should include images you have taken. You will develop this packet about your local department (or one of which you are a member). The homeowners are wanting information about selected topics. Describe organizations in your community that provide emergency response services. Include fire department apparatus and the use of each type. Describe how each resource mitigates various hazards. Determine which hazards could potentially exist in your area. Describe personal protective equipment (ensembles and station wear). Include the various facilities and the use they provide. Discuss resources needed in your area to address emergency services operations. Describe how the community can interact with the fire and emergency services. Who are the designated personnel or roles for education, fire prevention, and other needs? Discuss resources available from national, state, and local organizations in fire and emergency services for use in your area. This packet should be a minimum of three pages (not counting title page or reference page). Pictures should not be more than one page total. You are welcome to be creative in the layout of the text and pictures in this format, as long as all of the topics are covered and the citations included. Include at least two additional peer-reviewed outside sources in addition to your textbook. Use APA style for citations and a reference page. For assistance with finding peer-reviewed articles in the CSU Online Library, consult this tutorial: How to Find Peer Reviewed Resources.