Individual research presentation | Marketing homework help

The purpose of this assignment is to work on secondary data research skills as well as data presentation skills. Your goal is to find data that illustrate relevant changes in a market/industry and create a presentation in which you share your findings using mostly graphs and tables. What information should you be looking for?

Your industry is Fast Food Burger Restaurants. 

You need to use data from at least three different sources, on one of these sources needs to be either Passport or Mintel, the market research databases available through the library.The following are examples of relevant trends to include in your presentation, but you can include other aspects you find interesting as well:

  • changes in the total size of the market
  • changes in subsegment sizes
  • changes in consumer preferences that are relevant for this category
  • changes in relevant consumer behaviors (e.g., shopping behavior)
  • changes in market shares or sales for leading brands and/or new interesting brands
  • changes in financial data for the industry as a whole or for specific companies (e.g., inventory levels, or margin structure)
  • changes in the availability and/or cost of raw materials

Since we are interested in trends, you need to have data for four years or more for at least two of the variablesYour Presentation
Your presentation should include at least three (3) different kinds of graphs, at least five (5) graphs in total, and at least one (1) table. This means that you will need to select at least six different sets of data.The presentation should be about 9 slides long (1 cover slide + 1 intro slide + 6 slides with data + one slide with a conclusion). The source for the data should be included on the slide, below the graph or table, e.g. “Data from Passport”You need to write a script that includes the way you would present the data. I will look at your script when evaluating your explanations. Try to be as detailed as you would be when talking about the graphs, e.g., “This graph represents data from … and it illustrates…. as you can see here…”IMPORTANT: Since part of the assignment is data presentation skills, you need to create all graphs and tables from scratch. I will talk about options for creating graphs in week 3. Your conclusion should include a comment about what you think makes this industry interesting and possible changes in the new few years.

Please use Google Slides or PowerPoint to do this presentation, also include a Speech to explain your presentation. (Explain the data)