Listening reflection report: details | Humanity-Music

 LIST of MUSIC WORKS for Listening Reflection ReportwSee the list ofmusical examples presented below:•Be sure to listen to the correct workas listed. For a multi-movement work, such as a Sonata or Symphony, the specific movement to focus on is identified.(For example: Mozart:Symphony #40 in G minor, Movement 1: You should focus on only the first movement of this four-movement work.)•Links to YouTube performances are provided with each of the listed works.•Also, audio recordings of each of the works can be foundin the indicated textbook sections on CONNECT. oReview theListening Outline for the listed work.oOn CONNECT: You can also locate the audio files for the works under “Resources” located on the left side of the Assignments page in “Media Bank”. The musical works are listed alphabetically.•Review the pages and chapterin the textbook that relate to the work and musical style.wListen to a selection of the works and choose one musical work listed in Group Aandone musical work listed in Group B. (Note that selected movements and sections are indicated for the larger works.)wWrite your Listening Reflection Report based on the two musical works you’ve chosen.