Now that we′ve learned a lot about the feminist movement — including

 Now that we′ve learned a lot about the feminist movement — including how feminism has now grown to include efforts toward racial equity, equal rights for gender and sexuality, and more — use what you′ve learned to identify a ″Social Justice Icon,″ someone who has really helped create positive change toward inclusion and equality in the areas of women′s rights, sexual equality, LGBTQ+ equality, disability rights and accessibility, racial equality, worker′s rights, et cetera. And remember that people in different time periods and around the world could be Social Justice Icons. Choose someone whose life and work has affected your life! (Ellen DeGeneres is a possible option) In your post, do the following: (1) Share the name of your Social Justice Icon (1pt); (2) In a few sentences share why this person is a Social Justice Icon (8pts) — when they lived, what they did to advance equality, key contributions, how this fits in to your life, and the like. Be specific! Statements like ″Winona LaDuke worked to help Native Americans″ is not going to work. Try something like ″She worked to help Native Americans by creating the White Earth Land Recover Project, which helps buy back Native lands and to create on-going employment opportunities for members of the Anishinaabe peoples.″; and (3) Include a link or reference to where you located this information (1pt). If you want to add a photo or image that helps others in your CRG group learn more about this person, that′d be great too. REMEMBER! Your CRG posts are the main way that you show that you are putting effort into the course and really trying to learn. If your post is short and basic, your grade will be low.