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Hello Class,

This is our second discussion question, it is optional and for extra credit only.  You will need to write out your thoughts, maybe a couple of paragraphs and then add it to the discussion board, please use;

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You work as the Environmental Health and Safety manager for an oilfield service company.  Your company recently acquired some new oil and gas leasehold properties upon which were several producing wells and a lot of old, used drilling equipment, pipe and tanks. The field engineers inspected the old equipment and found it to be coated with barite scale. The old tanks and drilling pipe all had a heavy layer of such scale coating their surfaces and upon inspection, the equipment was found to be radioactive. An analysis of some samples taken from the scale showed that it contained barite, calcium carbonate, radium, strontium, lead (Pb-214), thorium (Th-234) and cesium.

You are asked to determine if the material is a hazardous waste and to instruct the field personnel in the proper manner of handling and disposing of the material. What are your recommendations?