RELIGIOUS STUDIES(critical thinking)

1) Read the Walter Benjamin article again, focussing especially on his ideas of Aura, Authenticity, Reproducibility, Exhibitability, etc.  Pay special attention to the section in which he describes the original relationship between art and religion and art and magic.
2) Then choose an article about a work of art which is connected to religion.  Try to find access on the Internet to an image of the work of art itself (if you can’t, look for a different one).
3) Then, discern what you can about the character of the art piece, using Benjamin’s concepts in your analysis.
4) When you write your 3-5 page essay, describe what your analysis has revealed about the art piece.  In addition, you MUST address whether you think ANY authenticity in art is possible today, in an age of museums (where art is exhibited apart from its original production) and the Internet (where EVERYTHING is a reproduced image, without any “aura” at all).  Finally, state how you think religion and art are related in the piece you chose, and how Benjamin’s ideas on this shape your thoughts and conclusions.
Do not sumarize !!!!!!!!!!