Retail management and merchandising final assignment | BBA324

The past decade has seen the advent of the Online Store in many parts of the world. While this phenomenon began with the sale of individual products and services, it has fast developed into a plethora of fully fledged Online Retail Stores selling bigger varieties of products to even fill-up whole shopping baskets. Some Online Stores constitute the whole business while others have been positioned to complement existing traditional retail stores to help them meet the needs of new customers for whom a traditional in-store experience is not an attraction. The advent of the Coronavirus, which saw lockdowns and movement restrictions being imposed in many societies, has also created many new opportunities for online retail businesses.

For this assignment, you are required to help a traditional retailer establish online presence in order to retain existing customers and gain new ones. Mindful of the kind of customer who would navigate towards online shopping, what would be the key considerations of your plan?

The aim of this assignment is to assess the extent to which you have understood the key differentiators between traditional retailing and online shopping, as well as the lifestyles and needs of the customers who would be drawn to the Online Store. How would you target and retain them in this space? How would you position an already known traditional retail brand in this space?

This activity must meet the following formatting requirements:

• Font size 12

• Type-face Ariel and Times New Roman

• Double-spaced

• 1,200 words