The university requires that you complete an ability project for this

course and submit it on your myeFolio account upon its completion. It

will be comprised of detailed answers and analyses of several

(precisely, 10, so you don’t lose too many points for doing a problem

incorrectly) textbook problems.

All data sets are available for download from the textbook’s website.

(Its link is in the syllabus.) You should use *one worksheet for each

problem* and no more. Include a one/two-paragraph summary for every

problem to explain what your answers mean and the significance of the

problems. (For example, steps 4 and 5 of the book example on page 447

of the text.)

You will select five problems from the following problems (due 7/20):

Chapter 10: 70, 72, 74,  76

Chapter 11: 30, 32, 34,  36

7 questions in megastat & test is due in Excel & megastat
due in 8 hour

You’re welcome to do two additional problems for each part for extra

credit. Each of these additional problems is worth a maximum of 10