Wk4 #1 assignment moral heroes (apa format) 12 hours timeframe

#1 Question

Review the comments on Lawrence Kohlberg under Assignments.  

Think of some examples of moral heroes and heroines in the world of sports, politics, entertainment and other fields-figures as well known for their public moral stances as for their skills.  

Now consider moral heroes and heroines in corporate America, people who demonstrate taking the higher road when it comes to ethics in business.  

Write a brief summary of three individuals who exemplify higher ethical standards in the business world. Include a brief explanation of their ethical actions and/or ideas.


Watch the “How Ethical Are You? Take the Ethics Guy’s Quiz on CNN” video [4:11].


Read the following sections of Business Ethics:

• Ch. 5, “Ethical Decision Making”

• Ch. 6, “Individual Factors: Moral Philosophies and Values” 

Read the following sections of Conscious Capitalism:

• Ch. 13, ”The Qualities of Conscious Leaders”

• Ch. 14, ”Becoming a Conscious Leader” 

Title: Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases

Edition: 11th

Authors: Ferrell, O. C., Fraedrich, J., & Ferrell, L.

ISBN-13: 9781305500846

Title: Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business

Authors: MacKay, J., & Sisodia, R.

ISBN-13: 9781422144206