You will create a powerpoint presentation of 12-15 slides that covers


You will create a PowerPoint presentation of 12-15 slides that covers performance evaluation of nonmanagement employees, performance improvement/development of nonmanagement employees, and management/leadership development.






Start the PPT project by presenting a brief outline of the performance evaluation process.


Locate a personal past performance appraisal (if you do not have a personal appraisal, you can locate and review a sample online at:


Analyze each performance factor or criterion on the performance appraisal and address the following steps.


1.     Are the expectations for each performance criterion clear (i.e., will the employee know what they need to do to meet the criterion)?


2.     Is the criterion measurable (i.e., will the employee know how close to or how far from he or she is to meeting the criterion)?


3.     Describe the review process you went through and your findings in the PPT presentation.




Continue the project by describing the purposes of each intervention presented on the evaluation, specifically addressing cognitive and behavioral theories of human learning. Also, provide common examples of other interventions used in the field. Expound on the examples by describing the potential impacts.


1.     How will these interventions benefit the organization?


2.     Make sure to distinguish between training and professional development interventions.




Continue the project by explaining the role of Management and Leadership development within organizations.


1.     Compare the approaches organizations take in developing managers to the approaches they take when developing nonmanagement employees.


2.     Looking at the appraisal from the first part of this assignment, discuss how interventions would differ for employees in management.


3.     Explain why distinctions are made between the two types of employees.




Combine all components from Topics 4, 5, and 6. Include transitions to create a flow to your presentation. The entire completed PowerPoint is due in Topic 6.




Use three to five scholarly resources to support your explanations.